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Last Chance for Ireland

Given the almost impossible task facing the next Government, it's amazing that so many are desperate to grab the poisoned chalice. Maybe it's true that politicians are nothing more than power-hungry egomaniacs, eager to simply milk what they can from the system for themselves and their crony friends. I'm convinced that the only way for Ireland to have a future free of nepotism, cronyism and State-sponsored incompetence is to dump the representative politicians and let the people regularly participate in decision making. This is successfully practised in many countries, including Switzerland and the US. From my research, People Before Profit (in the United Left Alliance) is the only party with a commitment to participative democracy and I will be voting for them on February 25.

One of the most incredible things about the election campaign is that all the mainstream political parties are ok with the new Universal Social Charge. The USC is an unfair tax, in that a worker's PAYE is calculated as if it did not exist, ie, a taxpayer is paying tax on a tax! Further, when means is being assessed for social welfare, the USC (and PAYE) are ignored! In effect, the State is pretending that USC does not exist. Surely this is madness? It is worth remembering that a revolt against unfair taxes brought America its independence. The new Government of Ireland has a limited time to show it is serious about putting people before banks and cronies and to fix the shocking inequalities which have been foisted on society by Fianna Fail and the Greens. If we don't see genuine change, the people of Ireland must take example from the peoples of Egypt and the Middle East and tear down the rotten system.

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