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An Open Letter to Dr James Reilly, Minister for Health

This warning label is found on fluoridated toothpaste in the US. Note the word Poison.

Dear Dr Reilly,

Congratulations on your appointment as Minister for Health. We are confident that a medical professional can see the wood for the trees and help to deliver a fair and efficient healthcare system.

As the parents of three children, including a one-year-old, we would like to draw your attention to the issues surrounding water fluoridation. Scientific evidence is increasingly suggesting that the potential risks from adding fluoride (which is an expensive, toxic by-product of  heavy industry) to the public water supply far outweigh any perceived benefits.

Water fluoridation was introduced by a Fianna Fail minister because it was 'cheaper than hiring dentists'. There may have been a twisted logic to this in 1960s Ireland, when fluoride toothpaste would not have been easily available. However, those days are gone and the entire population now has easy access to fluoride and can manage the dosages themselves.

We wrote to the HSE recently, asking for their policy in relation to preparing infant formula with fluoridated water. Many health practitioners now recommend that infant feed is not made with such water, as it is unknown how infants are affected by fluoride. We have yet to be informed on what the policy is and are using feed that is manufactured with unfluoridated water.

We would draw your attention to research conducted by Dr Paul Connett, at this link: and his advice on conducting endless studies, which was the approach taken by previous Governments (one of which advised that those concerned about fluoridation don't have to drink the water!): "For those who would call for further studies, I say fine. Take the fluoride out of the water first and then conduct all the studies you want. This folly must end without further delay."

We hope that you, as Minister responsible for this mass-medication of the population, will take a fresh look at the issue and take the fluoride out of the water supply until it is conclusively proven to be 100% safe and effective.


Gary and Bernadette Byrnes