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Ireland Must Tell The Vatican Where To Go

If Enda Kenny and the Irish Government are serious about punishing the Vatican for protecting religious paedophiles, they can do three things. Firstly, they can dismiss the Papal Nuncio from his position as Dean of the Diplomatic Corps. The Dean is meant to be the most senior or longest-serving diplomat in Ireland but we, like some other countries, automatically make the Vatican's representative here the most senior. This is telling the world that Ireland's relations with the Vatican are more important than our relations with any other country.

Secondly, we must strive to make Ireland a truly secular democracy, confirming a complete separation of Church and State. This will entail placing all public schools and hospitals into State ownership and control.

Thirdly, the religious institutions which caused the sexual exploitation of children in this jurisdiction, and those that helped to conceal these criminal activities, must be made to pay reparations, in full, to all those who were harmed. If reparations are not made quickly, the State must seize sufficient assets to cover the costs involved and make allowance for all the cases that will be brought to light in the future. Further, all those who harmed children and/or concealed this harm, must be punished by the criminal justice system and to the fullest extent allowed by law. And if the current laws aren't tough enough, they must be toughened.

Some say that Ireland, a land of confusion, malaise and hopelessness, is currently suffering karmic retribution for the sins of the past. The Catholic Church's terrible legacy is a broken nation, whose children suffered the most heinous crimes, perpetrated by evil hypocrites who peddled the illusion of God and love. It is time that Ireland grew up, allowing religious freedom as a private pursuit but sundering permanently the influence of any religion on the Republic, its activities and its ideals.