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Ireland's China Embrace - Moral Bankruptcy, the Final Act

Tiananmen Square Massacre, Beijing, China, 1989
It saddens me to have to accept that Ireland is a failed state. We are financially and spiritually bankrupt, having been raped and pillaged by the banks, the sacred markets and the Catholic Church. And it is now apparent that we are morally bankrupt too, with corruption and selfishness proven at every level of the ‘public service’.

But Enda Kenny’s ecstatic embrace of China as Ireland’s potential saviour is a deeply disturbing twist in our fall from grace. The Taoiseach seems to believe that all morals and principles can be set aside as long as we get money to help cover the unsustainable national debts that are mounting by approximately one thousand euro per second. Our new ‘strategic partner’ is a totalitarian dictatorship, where a tiny elite enjoys extravagant wealth while the vast majority lives in poverty. There is no democracy, no freedom of expression, no freedom to practice religion. Mothers who try to have a second child - as many are biologically driven to do - are often forced to have abortions. Tibet is being assimilated, with peace-loving monks forced to burn themselves to death almost daily to draw attention to China’s ethnic cleansing there. Tiananmen Square was a reminder of the dictatorship’s casual brutality but you won’t find any mention of that in China because of extensive censorship.

Most worryingly, Enda Kenny has, on our behalf, recognised Chinese territorial policy which includes Tibet’s incorporation into the People’s Republic and the fact that Taiwan will also return to the fold. The Taiwan issue may yet lead to war between China and the US, a staunch supporter of Taiwan. Indeed, President Obama has recently indicated that China is the key medium-term strategic threat to America. Ireland currently relies heavily on US investment. Is Enda Kenny really so smart that he thinks he can play both sides in this geopolitical game? I wonder.

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