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Ireland: What a Strange Little Island!

When in Ireland, it's not advisable to drink tap water
Ireland is now the only country in the world with mandatory water fluoridation. The Israeli health minister, Yael German, is dropping the mandatory water fluoridation requirement in Israel. She said that the regulations that require fluoridation have expired and that “professional views are in dispute.” She also said that opponents of fluoridation claim it could cause osteoporosis, reduction of insulin efficacy in dealing with sugar, the accumulation of aluminium in the body, IQ reduction and fluorosis (spotting of teeth). She also said there were more effective and safer ways to protect children’s teeth – such as fluoride pills, toothpastes and education.

It is time that Ireland follows Israel's example and accepts that the nation has changed since the introduction of mandatory fluoridation. There is a growing body of scientific evidence drawing attention to fluoride's potential side effects.

Perhaps most importantly, there are huge ethical considerations being ignored by the continued mass medication of the population, even though Archbishop McQuaid gave God's okay to fluoridation, via the Guild of Saints Luke, Cosmas and Damian. That was Ireland in 1960, a full decade before fluoridated toothpaste was introduced here. Sometimes it seems that everything changes but everything stays the same on this strange little island. It's worth repeating: Ireland is now the only country in the world with mandatory water fluoridation. And it's worth asking why this is the case.

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