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Publish Your Ebook - Best Routes to Market

The ebook revolution is nearing the end of the beginning, with ebook sales value due to exceed printed book sales any time now. Of course, ebooks are much cheaper to buy, so unit sales are already well beyond print. Certainly, the cost of production gives ebooks an enormous edge over print. Once the book is written and the cover designed, then production and distribution costs are essentially zero. Add widening availability and the adoption of innovative business models and you have realities like the first (printed) bookless public library recently opening in Texas. And since no books are being printed on paper, using chemical inks, transported around on smelly trucks and generally returned to the publisher for pulping (this happens to maybe 90% of printed books), ebooks are environmentally sustainable.

And the benefits for authors have been beyond revolutionary, with commission on sales of 45-75% the norm, compared to 10-15% from the traditional publishers. Going indie gives authors complete control over the whole distribution process and it's so fast - once the manuscript is finished, the cover designed and metadata (descriptions and keywords) defined, your book can be onsale worldwide in minutes, with complete global coverage in every key market within a day or two. This is phenomenal! And ebook sales are scalable, which means that once the work is done, it can generate revenues for the rest of your life, without the need for any further blood, sweat or tears. Best of all, writers want to be read, so independent publishing allows them to reach readers, without having to go through the 'filter' of the mainstream publishers who, let's be real, publish an awful lot of shit. (Most of which, as has been said, people don't want to read, so gets pulped.)

As well as fiction, ebooks are an excellent route for distributing non-fiction to a global audience, as you can include images and internal and external links. Businesses can also use this route to tell their stories to customers and potential customers, to be read on ebook devices from iPhones to Kindles, independent of wi-fi access.

So, you're sold on publishing an ebook though the indie route. Now, how do you go about it?
Mark Coker and Smashwords have been championing indie publishers since the revolution began, and have given us powerful tools, letting the smallest operator - author, agent or publisher - compete at the highest level. Key to Smashwords is its direct distribution route into all Apple iBookstores. The bulk of my ebook sales are through Apple, and Smashwords has made this not just possible, but easy. Apple's new iOS upgrade, due later in 2014, will incorporate their iBook reader and ebook store access into every iPhone and iPad - at the moment you need to seek it out - so expect phenomenal growth in ebook sales after this game-changing development.

To distribute through Smashwords, you'll need a properly-formatted MS Word document, all formatting to meet the specs in Mark Coker's fabulously useful ebook, Smashwords Style Guide, available free here. You'll also need a professional quality cover image and a gripping description. Think of the purchasing decision you make when buying a printed book - cover, back cover description, opening paragraph - then realise that all these have to work in ebook format. Additionally, your SEO - Search Engine Optimisation - has to be strong, and your cover needs to look good when represented as a tiny icon.

Once you upload your files to Smashwords, their system will convert your files into all the most popular ebook reading formats, as well as PDF and online reading. Once you pass this process, your book is instantly for sale on Smashwords, though you can choose to distribute for free if you like. Then your book is checked - by a human! - to see that it meets the demanding specs for premium distribution. This is key because, once you get premium approval, Smashwords delivers your ebook to Apple, Barnes & Noble and Kobo, as well as into new subscription services Scribd and Oyster. Further, Smashwords will send your book to library distributors Baker & Taylor and OverDrive. You will need an ISBN for this, but Smashwords supplies these for free.

With Smashwords, you get daily sales reporting, payment every quarter (via PayPal), the ability to generate discount coupons (for use in Smashwords store only) and space for an author interview.

Amazon Kindle Direct Programme (KDP)
Amazon is currently battling the big traditional publishers, many of whom want to charge more for ebooks than printed books! Amazon will win in the end. It's been stated that the only person essential to the publication process is the author and this is true. Amazon's KDP programme offers powerful tools to the indie publisher, including virtually instant sales graphs, the ability to preview ebooks on different reading devices, content spellcheck and age targeting. Amazon also offers the KDP Select programme, whereby authors who offer their ebooks exclusively on the KDP platform can share in a fund whenever their book is borrowed.

The Kindle publishing interface is quite straightforward. As with Smashwords, key requirements are a Word doc with similar formatting to Smashwords, a cover image and metadata. Amazon also offers Author Central, a bio page in many key marketplaces. This is certainly worth completing.

KDP payments are directly into your bank account, monthly, though you need to reach a threshold before payments in currencies different to your own can be made.

Google Play
Google are new to the market for ebooks on Play, and it shows. The registration and upload interface is quite tricky and sales reporting is poor. You need an Epub file to upload your ebook to Play, which should help you to reach readers on the Android platform. Luckily, you can download a perfect Epub file from your book page on Smashwords.

My overall advice:

  1. Get your ebooks into all three distribution routes, in the order shown above.
  2. Don't bother with exclusivity on Amazon.
  3. Make sure your ebook content is properly proofed, edited and formatted.
  4. If you can't design a professional cover image yourself, get help.
  5. Think long and hard about your metadata, looking closely at search volumes and book categories.

Good luck and Up the Revolution!

For more help with publishing your ebooks, contact, tel 087 249 3051.


New #Ebook Release - Thriller Box Set by Gary J Byrnes

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The Death of Osama bin Laden - An Alternative History: A detailed examination of the birth of Al-Qaeda, as told by one of bin Laden’s most trusted lieutenants and a heartstopping vision of what might have been.

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*I do not distribute my writing through Kobo, including online stores such as Eason which are fed titles by Kobo, as Kobo is owned by Japanese ecommerce giant Rakuten, which is the world's biggest online marketplace for elephant ivory products.


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The UN Must Investigate Ireland's Catholic Past and Save Us from Ourselves

President of Ireland, Eamon de Valera, kissing the episcopal ring of Catholic Archbishop of Dublin John Charles McQuaid at the turning of the sod ceremony, University College Dublin, 1962. Photo: UCD Archives
Dublin City Councillor Mannix Flynn has called for the United Nations to be brought in to investigate the horrors of Ireland's mass graves. As well as investigating the undocumented burials of hundreds of vulnerable children, the UN should look at all the abuses committed by the Catholic Church in Ireland and identify the politicians and civil servants that facilitated them.

What's brought us to this sorry point in Irish history? Ireland is a Catholic-controlled country, governed by a tiny elite which has always bent the knee to the Catholic Church and the global capitalist elite, whether they are in New York, London or Brussels. Yes, there was a blip from 1916-21, when a small number of genuine republicans managed to wrest independence from the British Empire. But after a vicious Civil War, 1921-22, our best and brightest were slaughtered by their fellow Irish, leaving the conservatives to define the new Republic. So they kept the Empire's control systems in place and allowed the Catholic Church to define the nation's morality, even to the extent of the Church taking complete control of Ireland's education and health systems. we have had investigations and we have concluded that the Church abused tens of thousands over decades, much of the twentieth century.

And as for the poor unmarried mothers and their kids? They were to be punished, that was God's Will. And punished they were, as the recent discovery of a mass grave of perhaps 800 dead children in Tuam, County Galway attests. These children, born out of Catholic wedlock, through no fault of their own, were brutalised, starved and mistreated by the nuns who took control of them with the blessing of the State. They were, essentially, murdered by religion in the name of the Irish State. And we must assume that there are many more such mass graves throughout this septic isle.

So how can we find justice for these children? Can the Irish Establishment, which continues to allow the Roman Catholic Church to dominate education and health and is more concerned about our bond prices than the growing inequality in society, can this gilded, aloof cluster of grey men in grey suits truly grasp the horror that lies in Ireland's dark heart? Unlikely. So we must hope that external forces, ideally in the form of the United Nations, comes to save us from ourselves, by unearthing (literally) the truth so that we can learn from it and aspire once more to the genuine ideals of our first republicans.

The timeframe for the investigation should begin in 1937, the year we adopted Eamon de Valera's Constitution which, in its preamble, states:

"In the Name of the Most Holy Trinity, from Whom is all authority and to Whom, as our final end, all actions both of men and States must be referred,
We, the people of √Čire,
Humbly acknowledging all our obligations to our Divine Lord, Jesus Christ... " a green light to Catholic priests and nuns to act above the law as they carried out their dastardly deeds.

Ireland is a truly rotten state. We are in a downward spiral to malaise, melancholy and madness. This cannot go on.