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New #Ebook Release - Thriller Box Set by Gary J Byrnes

THRILLER BOX SET by Gary J Byrnes, now on sale in every good ebook marketplace. Excluding Kobo*. Find it now:

Fabulous value Thriller Box Set. Three full-length thrillers at an unbelievably low price (US$0.99), for a limited time only. Your summer holiday reading problems are solved with Gary J Byrnes’s bestselling novels, now brought together for the very first time.

Pure Mad: The Dagger Award nominated crime thriller, set in Ireland’s bubble economy, when cocaine, gang wars, dirty money and dangerous sex were a way of life. Join private detective Charlie Doyle on a mindbending journey into the dark heart of a country gone mad. 

The God Virus: A forensics expert near London is given DNA proof that humans evolved from stardust, that God does not need to exist. When his wife is murdered, he’s the prime suspect. Dark forces will stop at nothing to silence Dr William Bunk in this globespanning conspiracy thriller.

The Death of Osama bin Laden - An Alternative History: A detailed examination of the birth of Al-Qaeda, as told by one of bin Laden’s most trusted lieutenants and a heartstopping vision of what might have been.

Thriller Box Set by Gary J Byrnes, author of number one bestseller, 9/11 Trilogy. Download it today and get your summer holiday reading sorted.

*I do not distribute my writing through Kobo, including online stores such as Eason which are fed titles by Kobo, as Kobo is owned by Japanese ecommerce giant Rakuten, which is the world's biggest online marketplace for elephant ivory products.


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