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#Syria - How to Stop the War

Everything about this crazy war is on a biblical scale. So much of it bizarrely symbolic.

Syria's been at the heart of the cauldron of religious and geopolitical conflict since the year dot, with Damascus the oldest continuously-inhabited city on the planet. The hideous Islamic Sate, born of western and regional powerplays, threatens the planet with an Armageddon, while instilling fear and revulsion on a planetary scale. Syria's also the location of the Battle of Yarmouk (636) which was a final decimation of Byzantine Roman power by the first post-Muhammad Islamic army. As then, so today, the floods of refugees are epic. Wouldn't you flee with your family if you thought that Islamic State could take over your neighbourhood? Of course you would. Until the war is over, the people have no hope, so they come to us, so we must offer human kindness.

With Russia and Iran pumping in weapons, the US - as always - arming its own chosen ones, and plenty of mustard gas up for grabs, Syria could continue to spin out of control over the next decade, like the lazy, slowmo catastrophe that it's been for how long? how many hundred thousand dead? how many million refugees? how many drowned children in the Mediterranean?, and then bring the entire Middle East down with it.

Or we could stop the war.

Assad, born into his position, will go. But with Russia, Iran and Hezbollah fighting for him, he will be near-impossible to dislodge from his Damascus base, so he must leave at a time of his choosing. The rest of Syria is already partitioned: Kurd, Shia, Allawite, Sunni, Yazidi, FSA. And Islamic State.

Allow Assad to create a federal Syria, with himself as head of state. His adversaries take control of the areas they hold, with local discussions working out border disputes. Crowdsource a constitution. Full and free elections, to vote on a federal, participative democratic system. Once they stop fighting each other, all the Syrian groups with credible demands for self-determination would find common enemy in Islamic State.

IS wouldn't survive six months. Better: the planet, and her children, wouldn't have to bear the daily horror. Win/win, I'd say.


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