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World War 3 - Ireland's Neutrality No Longer Tenable

Now that Islamic State has threatened attacks in Ireland, it's time to reconsider our position of neutrality and join the civilised world in a combined effort to destroy IS.
The Paris attacks have surely alerted us to the utter depravity of this religion-inspired death cult. While attacks in the West get most of our media attention, IS slaughters Muslims by the thousand and seems to aim for the worst excesses of Christianity - the Spanish Inquisition springs to mind.
I am ashamed that Ireland stayed out of the struggle to rid the world of Nazism - another death cult with a bankrupt ideology of hate and pain - so this could be an opportunity for us to make up for past failures.
World War 3 is upon us and it will continue for many years to come until the poison of militant Islam is discredited. The first step in this process is the military destruction of IS on the ground in Syria and Iraq.
This is the defining issue of our generation, more important even than climate change. Can we stop sitting on the fence when democracy, freedom of expression and women's rights are on the line? Or do we wait for the IS hordes to enter Europe, in a destructive spiral similar to the collapse of the Roman Empire, sending us into another thousand years of darkness?